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This month, Hartford, CT choreographer, movement, video, and installation artist, Arien Wilkerson, makes a curatorial debut at Real Art Ways in collaboration with FriendZWorldMusic and Noble Savage Nomadic DJ’s of the Parkwell Project. parkwellproject.com
Wilkerson has curated a three-part immersive dance performance, entitled, “Adaptation” exploring the narrative of adaptation of the black human body in modern day America.


The following is a statement from the curator:

“How has your own body adapted to the modern world? How do the bodies of people of color adapt in a system of constant oppression?

The human body reacts to the information that its own body supplies. Since bodily movements are guided and shaped by the living human body, dance is a perceptual process. The human body can create shapes and postures that we manifest inseparably from consciousness itself and the wholeness of the human experience. Visualize your muscles surrendering to gravity, see your vertebra moving away from one another, the fluids in your hands, feet, arms and legs, lift and elevate your flesh, listen to how your body adapts to your physical attitudes, your inner organs finding internal easiness, your limbs feeling independent, the space between your joints…notice a flow of energy causing an adaptation to your body.Humans face basically the same adaptive challenges as all organisms but humans are unique in having most of their adaptations transmitted culturally. Radical culture has a biological basis in sociability, imitativeness and decolonization. From a psychological and sociological perspective, these three, 10-minute performances will explore systems of habitus, mimesis, and schemas in adaptation.”


The three ten-minute performances are as follows:

Soko, Kandia Soli, and Gumbe/Dansa


Iyipada (Change)

MORE INFO: https://www.realartways.org/event/september-creative-cocktail-hour/
Exhibitions on view:
Mia Brownell: Plate to Platelets
Noah Loesberg: Night Work

– Food Truck: Chief Brody’s Banh Mi
French-Viet-style sandwiches featuring gourmet + locally sourced ingredients.

– Bicyclists – Ride to Creative Cocktail Hour and get in for $5. RAW members on bikes get in free.

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