Music video we created for our musical friends SPUN OUT

Words below by By J.R. Nelson of The Chicago Reader:

“Beloved local indie four-piece Ne-Hi only just announced their split via a May EP release, but former members are already breaking new ground! This week, Ne-Hi vets Mikey Wells, James Weir, and Alex Otake drop a self-titled debut single and video as Spun Out, who focus more on synthesizers and grooves than their predecessor. The song features Clay Frankel and Chris Bailoni of Grapetooth, and the trippy video (which seems to show Wells living inside a river bridge wearing Aladdin Sane-style makeup) is directed by local DJ and art collective Noble Savage. Wells says Spun Out have been recording with Joshua Wells from Destroyer behind the boards and collaborators such as Sean Page of Mantra Blues and Deeper bandmates Shiraz Bhatti and Nic Gohl. Spun Out play a free show at the Empty Bottle on Monday, August 5, with Caroline Campbell and Noble Savage.”

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