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As a kid, I’d heard about my Grandpa’s plans to transform an old bus into an RV.
He was an Accountant, and never paid for anything he could do or build himself.
Although his project never came to fruition, I think knowing that such a wise figure had deemed the idea practical really stuck with me.

Years later, Troy and I started discussing the same idea.
We wanted to buy a bus, and transform it into a livable, workable, rolling studio.
The idea made sense – we were sick of improving our rentals spaces only to move out a year later, and wanted to focus that time on something we actually owned. Looking at what we were spending every year on rent, it also seemed like a great way to cut costs, and gain time for other projects.

So – we started looking.

And after months and months of bus shopping – we finally laid eyes on what looked like the perfect machine for the project…