We created some art for the new NE-HI single, “Drag” Give it a nice long listen below!

Lisa Brown of Stereogum:

Ne-Hi are Chicago’s latest breakout band, as they capture the city’s attention with their warm fuzzy tones and laid-back reverb. Initially formed to score a friend’s film, they’ve found themselves at the opening chapters of a rock band fairytale. The quartet emerged from the local basement show scene, performing with bands like Twin Peaks, released a self-titled that was well-received by the Windy City, and are expecting another record next year.

Now Ne-Hi premieres “Drag,” a new stand-alone digital single that delivers catchy and punchy New Wave hooks with complementing upbeat drums. Their signature lazy summer rock still carries through with jamming interludes and shimmering guitars, echoing to the basements of college rock. Singer/guitarist Jason Balla weighed in on the song, saying:

Drag’s about realizing how far from the present I can get. Taken over by work or stress or excitement. At the time my friend was feeling some real weight and it woke me up to the fact I wasn’t really around. This song is about taking the time to go through the mud with them. It’s about taking care and putting your ear to the ground.