The first incarnation of what has now become the annual lake-to-lake cruise was nothing more than a spontaneous adventure, the type of plan that gets spun up when close friends bullshit on summer nights in a backyard: we wanted to see if we could ride our bikes from lake Michigan to a lake house in southern Wisconsin. Knowing nothing about long distance bike trips, three of us went for it a couple weeks later and were hilariously unprepared. No tools, no maps, no DEET, and no legal place to camp. It was a glorious struggle, and it made our pedal-powered arrival at the cabin the next day even more satisfying. We were hooked.

We’ve been leading the same trip for 10 years now, and every ride has been amazing. In 2017 we had our largest and most far reaching group yet – 22 riders, coming in from as far as victoria b.c.! These days, the trip is a yearly routine for many of our friends – a few already have 5 rides under their belt and many more will in 2018! Traditions have formed over the years, lore is deep, and despite having rode the same trip for 10 years, it never fails to be an adventure. To commemorate the 10th year (film pictures below) we made some old-school felt pennants for all the riders – check them out here.

To all the pedalers who make it our favorite weekend of the year – thank you, we love ya.